Starter Package


Weekly lessons are available with instruction on our school or lease horses. First time riders must take a Starter Package. This includes (3) one-hour group lessons. During this time you will learn basic horsemanship skills, grooming, tacking up the horse, safety precautions, and basic skills needed while riding the horse.

  • STARTER PACKAGE: $135.00 per rider.


Group and private lessons are available for all riding levels. In group lessons, you will be placed into a riding class with students of similar riding ability. Lessons are personalized to each riders goals with a focus on positive coaching, safety, and success.

  • GROUP LESSON: $45.00 per hour
  • SPECIAL EVENTS AND BIRTHDAY PARTIES: $200 up to 10 people, $15 per person thereafter


Leasing a horse is the first step in learning the true responsibilities of horse ownership.
Holly Hill Farm has several lease opportunities available to fit your needs.
We will match you to the horse that is right for you.

Is Leasing Right for Me?

By leasing a horse you can learn first hand the responsibility of horse ownership.
With a full lease you will have 6 days of riding with 1 day of rest for your horse each week. With a half lease you will have 3 days of riding. The leasing parties will arrange and agree upon their lease days if a horse is shared. You each get 3 days of riding a week on the horse chosen to fit your needs and ability. The horse will have 1 day off each week.

The barn is open 7am-10pm. Horses are fed grain at 2:00pm and should not be ridden again until 3:00pm each day. If needed, the stable will loan the lessee basic tack (saddle, bridle and brushes), but the lessee's are encouraged to purchase their own equipment.

Horses will have their basic needs (food, water, clean environment) met by the barn but it is the lessee's responsibility to maintain the horse in good health and provide the necessary veterinarian and farrier needs at the lessee's cost. Veterinary and farrier expenses will be determined by the type of lease chosen.


  • FULL LEASE: $400.00/month plus a minimum of four (4) lessons/month.
  • HALF LEASE: $265.00/month plus a minimum of four (4) lessons/month.
  • QUARTER LEASE: $225.00/month plus a minimum of four (4) lessons/month.
  • EIGHTH LEASE: $185.00/month plus a minimum of four (4) lessons/month.

Prices listed above are based on a 3 month contract.